Savvas - Adding Products to Classes

If your classes aren't showing up in the Savvas Realize learning system, it's most likely because you haven't assigned products to your classes. This will show you how to assign products so you can start using Savvas Realize to teach.

Note: Students rostered in classes won't see classes without products either.

Opening Savvas through Classlink

After signing into Classlink, click on the app icon for Savvas

Savvas is SSO (Single Sign-On) so just by clicking on the app you should get signed in.
IMPORTANT: This is the only way for teachers to sign into Savvas.

Adding Products in Savvas EasyBridge 

You should now see the EasyBridge hub.

Navigate to the applicable class tab. If none are showing up under Current classes, check Future classes

Click on the Add Products button

Check the products you wish to add and then click save

Now you can open up Savvas Realize and your classes should be there.

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