How to Sync Your Chrome Profile

We recommend syncing your chrome profile to have access to your data on multiple devices. This shows how to sync your profile on a fresh windows device and a profile you've been using that hasn't been syncing.

Syncing Your Profile on a Fresh Windows Device

1. Click on the profile icon in the top right corner of the Chrome profile

2. Click on "Turn on sync"

3. Enter your Gmail address and click next

4. Enter your password and click "Next"

5. Click on "Continue" to acknowledge we manage your profile

6. Click on "Yes, I'm in"

Haven't Been Syncing and Want to Start?

1. After clicking on the profile icon, click on "Turn on sync..." and make sure you are on the correct profile as you can have multiple Chrome profiles.

2. If you want to have your local data be synced check the box. For example, I have a local bookmark for Gmail which will be added to my synced Chrome profile if I check the box

3. Click "Continue"

4. Click "Yes, I'm in"

Now you can have access to your bookmarks and any other data on any device as long as your profile is being synced.

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